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Did you know that Hungary ranks among the world’s top fifteen tourism destinations? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! Budapest is only the best-known Hungarian attraction. Approachable mountains, rolling country-wide dotted with jewellike small towns, and vibrant cities distinguish it, as well as a cultural heritage as equally diverse and beautiful. Hungary is known for its natural beauty. In addition to its stunning landscape, it features a large number of hot springs and pools.

On the human side, Hungary boasts more Nobel Laureates per capita than any other nation, as well as a robust collection of Olympian medalists. Accordingly, the smart and sporty alike will find plenty to entertain them over here! The historic home of Franz Liszt is long on its classical music, great museums, and delicious food—don’t miss a hearty bowl of goulash! And then, on the other hand, it is a hotspot for horse racing, swimming, hiking, and everything active.

And yes, there is Budapest. The “Little Paris” of Central Europe holds a strong claim as one of the world’s loveliest capitals, as well as one of its liveliest and most engrossing cultural traditions. Starting from its dark horse popularity and going from there, Hungary is brimming with unexpected delights!

Hungary Top Attractions


Budapest is a historic wonderland with two faces, Buda and Pest, situated on either side of the blue Danube. Buda allows a peek into the glory days of Roman and (much later) Ottoman occupation, with medieval castles and elegantly decaying ruins. Pest is lively and exciting, with fascinating markets, book- and antique stores, winding scenic promenades, and plenty of cozy cafes. You can’t miss a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Buda Castle, especially at nighttime when the lights are on and the whole Castle District is bathed in a soft, romantic glow. Don’t miss the 118 hot springs of Budapest… your swimsuit is a necessity when you come here!


The Mediterranean vibe and youthful energy of Pecs, Hungary’s second-largest city, make it a natural hotspot for holiday-goers! Red roofs and cobblestone streets invite you to explore, and dozens of small cafes beckon with the lure of delicious food and hours of peoplewatching beneath blue skies. See those verdant, sun-dappled hills all around you? They mark the heart of the Villany wine region, a favorite of Hungarian oenophiles. You won’t want to overlook the Early Christian Necropolis of Pecs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site beset with monuments and underground tombs, dating back to the first half of the 4th century A.D.


Located on the blue-green shores of Lake Balaton, the “Hungarian Sea,” Siofok is a thriving resort town beckoning families and revelers alike. The warmer, shallower southern side of the lake has always been favored by tourists, and Siofok is definitely the place to be! Add to that the fact that Balaton is ringed by pictureque, productive vineyards (perfect for exploring and for sharing a sip of sweet topaz wine!), and you have a positively decadent destination. Score a lovely hotel room on Golden or Silver Beach and prepare to bask in the sun or take in the sights, the latter of which includes a gorgeous Lutheran church. Once the sun goes down, Siofok’s renowned nightlife takes over. You’ll dance the night away!


This massive cave system is both bizarre and beautiful, as much an enchantment as an oddity. It’s Central Europe’s largest system, and so big that half of it spills over into Slovakia. On certain days, visitors can cross the underground border to take advantage of the whole attraction. Stalactites and stalagmites hang low from the cave ceiling and spiral into the air, with a range of colors visible in their composition. Aggtelek is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to its magnificent scope, and it should be considered a must-visit day trip. Guided tours ranging from one hour to seven hours are all available, or you can check out a concert in the enormous Baradla Concert Hall with its stunning natural acoustics.


“Charming” and “quaint” are inevitably the words that spring to mind when one visits Szentendre. Long a haven for artists and dreamers, this peaceful bohemian village couldn’t be more different from the nearby bustle of Budapest. It was dedicated to Saint Andrew, and attracts summer tourists like a magnet. Creative types especially love this place, as it is a nursery of culture. Come here to sketch, write, or compose, or occupy yourself with the many things to see and do here. Visit the sweet Marzipan Museum, spend the day at the Hungarian Open-Air Museum, or simply take a stroll up the winding path to the hills, drinking in every lovely sight along the way.

Quick Facts

Capital: Budapest
Primary Airports: Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD), Debrecen International Airport (DEB), Hévíz-Balaton Airport (SOB)
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Currency: Forint (HUF)
Population: 9,897,000 (2013 est.)
Language: Hungarian
Electricity: 230V/50Hz (Euro)
Time Zone: UTC +1

Hungary Travel Reviews

More than a Brief Stop in Budapest


One of my more memorable journeys was a trip visiting various churches between Romania, Hungary and Poland. This was in the early days after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and there was a lot of excitement about the change in the air. We had initially planned on a one-night stop in Budapest, with accommodations at the Hilton Budapest. However, our itinerary was changed, and I was able to more fully experience this wonderful city during a two-day stay. Our vista of the Danube River (along with the Parliament building) allowed a number of great photographs, and we found two very good restaurants in the area – we especially liked the Costes Restaurant. It was a bit pricey, but the European elegance and special tasting menu made it worthwhile. One of the best things about this location in Castle Hills is the namesake castle and historic structures. The walking tour was one of the best, taking us by the Buda Castle and the Hungarian National Gallery. Although this was the less touristy area of the city, it reeked of history and times of majesty, creating a very enjoyable experience. Instead of just riding through the city as we had planned, this turned out to be a real highlight and provided some great memories. This stop also provides a great contrast between this urban setting and the many fields and forests we passed though on our ride on the two railroads we took. Looking forward to a return trip where we can see more of the homes of royalty in the countryside. While the overall trip was 4-stars, this stop in Budapest is a definite 5-star interlude.

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Destinations Visited: Hungary

A Five Star Vacation In Hungary


My trip to Hungary was truly an unforgettable experience even though it was 10 years ago. It was an exciting event because my mother and I had received an invitation from our religious organization to attend an international assembly. Upon our arrival to Hungary we were able to stay at the Kempinski hotel.

From the moment that we left the hotel we could not believe the amazing sites that we saw in Hungary. Hungary has a beautiful strip right outside of the area where the majority of the hotels are located in Buda. There were many different restaurants, coffee shops, and vendors selling trinkets for tourist.

We took a bus to the historic city of Pest. There we were able to eat at a Hungarian restaurant that featured old-time Hungarian food. It was amazing, because the restaurant was located in an abandoned castle. Next we took a cruise on the Danube River. The Danube River is the longest river in Hungary and it separates Buda from Pest. It was a beautiful tour, and since it started in the evening we were able to see all of the bright lights of the city.

Very few people have probably thought about traveling to the country of Hungary, but in reality it was one of my most unforgettable trips. The American dollar is very strong there, and there are tons of beautiful old age castles and monuments to see. The people of Hungary are very kind and friendly and without a doubt my trip to Hungary was one of my favorite trips up until now. I would definitely say that it was a five star vacation.

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Destinations Visited: Hungary

Hungary. A sight to behold!


I traveled to Hungary with my family in the Winter of 2003. We drove from Austria because we were living in Vienna at the time. It was a quick drive and extremely affordable. Hungary and Austria are neighboring countries after all. Despite seeing multiple towns on our journey, we only visited Budapest - Hungary's capital city.

We spent most of our first day here visiting the cathedral called Matthias Church and the Holy Trinity Column in front of it. We also had the chance to use the oldest metro system in the world! It's known as "the underground" - "a földalatti". Interestingly enough, we experienced an interesting incident. We bought a bus ticket, not sure if it could be used in the underground. Despite the ticket office saying that it's fine we were charged with a fee by a conductor before even entering the train! So be careful! Even appointed helpers can get lost in translation.

This part of the city contains the most famous landmarks. Along the main road, called "Andrássy út", we saw several restaurants and tourist shops that set a fascinating tone for the area. At the end of this road, we encountered the city park, containing an incredible ice rink and thermal baths!

The Parliament, which can be found along the Danube, is an incredible sight to behold. In my opinion, it is one of the most imperial buildings you will find in Europe. When we first saw it, our jaws dropped as we marveled at the monument in silence.

The first words that come to mind when I think of Budapest are: Elegant, imperial. spacious and beautiful. Come see it for yourself!

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Destinations Visited: Hungary

Relaxing and Reconnecting in Magnificent Budapest


The first city that my wife and I visited upon my return home from Afghanistan was Hungary's capital city of Budapest. We took RyanAir from Germany to Budapest's Ferenc Liszt International Airport and took public transit to get into the downtown area. After checking into a charming hotel that we booked on AirBNB, we were excited to check out the city's top attractions. We had heard that Budapest was similar to Prague, and we found out why people made this comparison as soon as we stepped in the boat for our Danube river cruise. The panoramic views from the river of the hills and the sunset were both spectacular. The next morning, we made our way to Fisherman's Bastion to check out the famous castle that looks over the city of Budapest. The structure was impressive, and we bought some art from a local vendor here. Next, we went to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath to relax after a busy day of sightseeing. The complex has many pools at different temperatures that offer a fun experience. My wife found it to be too warm for her liking, but I loved it! Our five star trip to the city ended the next day, but not before we were able to visit Budapest's beautiful Parliament building where we took a guided tour. The building, Orszaghaz in Hungarian, is an architectural masterpiece that must be seen up close. You should be aware that there are only a limited number of tours offered each day.

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Destinations Visited: Hungary

Way Beyond My Expectations


Last May had the pleasure of attending the Estherhazy Karoly Kollege, located in Eger, Hungary. Eger is the most visual and aesthetically appealing city among all the other cities I have visited in the world. You may remember it from the show "Amazing Race" in season 6, where everyone admired it. Your first stop must be the Basilica where the iron works, intrinsic designs, and ancient artworks will set you brain back to many centuries ago. The Kopcsik Marcipania, a museum with rich and gorgeous history, is small but rustic: a fantastic place to venture and let your imagination run wild. The rich history of Hungary and its sister nations is revealed in illuminated texts dating back to the dark ages and at a hand's reach. Right in the middle of the town, you cross the Dobo Square where outside cafes, wine shops and stores of all kinds invite you to spend an afternoon with friends. Move over toward the ancient Minaret, Torok Kori, and picture the ancient calls for prayer shouted out straight from that small tower, which you can climb as well. Noteworthy also is the Egri Var, or castle, which looms over the city, making it all the more picturesque. As part of Eastern Europe, Eger is inexpensive, surrounded by the best vineyards offering Bikaver, and nearly undiscovered. I would gladly turn down London or Paris and return to Eger instead. The quiet, bucolic, and romantic nature of this city makes it a true one of a kind.

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Destinations Visited: Hungary

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