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Nicaragua Travel Reviews

Return to a Colonial Paradise


Granada is a quintessential colonial town in Central America with an excellent tourist infrastructure (first class hotels, tourist police, and many restaurants and shops speaking some English). There is a WIDE range of activities to do in addition to touring the many colonial churches: visit a volcano, take a day trip on the largest inland lake in Central America, go to nearby Masaya to bargain for handmade handicrafts, visit Catarina and view Apoyo (the former is a quaint town with many shops that sell plants and flowers and the latter is the crater-made lake which Catarina overlooks. Granada is a short drive (40 minutes) but a light-year away from Managua, where you will fly into. It is also an easy place to move outward into the mountains or to the Pacific Coast (e.g., San Juan del Sur).

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Destinations Visited: Nicaragua

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