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  • Imperial China & the Yangtze River

    15 days from $2,349 (USD)

    Experience China and all of its contrasts.

  • Signature China & Pingyao

    12 days from $6,895 (USD)

    Explore the Great Wall's Mutianyu section, Beijing's hutongs by pedicab and the country's first bank, pausing to visit a local family, stroll throu...

  • China: Land of Legends

    13 days from $7,295 (USD)

    From the timeless Great Wall to the birthplace of kung fu, immerse yourself in the China of legend. Explore the Longmen Caves, visit pandas up clos...

  • China

    12 days from $7,599 (USD)

    The China family vacation from Adventures by Disney is a guided tour of Beijing, Shanghai, and beautiful countryside before ending with a visit to ...

  • China's Imperial Cities

    17 days from $10,195 (USD)

    On a journey that reveals the grand sweep of Chinese history and culture, visit four ancient capitals, enjoy a private kung fu demonstration, explo...

The skylines of Hong Kong are so glittering, so big and bold and audacious that they easily put to shame the storied vistas of New York. Hong Kong may have started life as a fishing village, but it has blossomed into an enormous, brightly-illuminated cosmopolis on a par with London, Paris, Tokyo, or any other in the world. Stunning high-rise buildings of glass and metal shine, the financial industry booms, and people throng the streets, creating a frenetic and exciting pace of life.

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, a sprawling city whose name means “Fragrant Harbor.” Indeed, the deep natural harbor of Hong Kong is the vein through which its lifeblood flows, a connection to its economy and a link with the outside world. It’s said that Hong Kong is the world’s most vertical city, owing to the extraordinary development that has been achieved on relatively little flat land.

A crossroads of cultures exists here. The traditional Chinese influence is strong, with Confucian temples and Buddhist shrines rubbing elbows against 21st century edifices. At the same time, Hong Kong’s status as a world city means that Western influences have strongly permeated the traditions and lifestyle here. Having been a British colony for over 150 years, the thread of English influence is also undeniably bound into the cultural tapestry. The resulting product is a land that is varied, adventurous, and always exciting.

Hong Kong Top Attractions

Lantau Peak

Lantau Peak is the highest publicly-accessible point in Hong Kong. It’s a hike of about an hour to get to the top, and the way affords you some excellent glimpses of natural scenery. It is considered a prized destination for catching jaw-dropping sunrises, especially in wintertime when the haze is light and there are fewer clouds. If you start the ascent around 4AM you will be right on schedule for a 6AM sunrise! Surrounding the island of Lantau is a 70-km trail that is divided into smaller segments for walking at leisure. Beautiful natural scenery is on proud display here.

Hong Kong Disneyland

The “happiest place on Earth” takes on an Asian twist at Hong Kong Disneyland, located on the island of Lantau. If you have visited and loved the American Disney parks, you will find many familiar attractions here. At the same time, many Asian traditions and customs were taken into account when the park was constructed, including principles of feng shui. There are seven themed areas, including Disney standards like Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. You won’t want to miss the chance to snap a photograph with Mickey Mouse or to take in the stunning display of nighttime fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Repulse Bay

The gorgeous, wave-kissed shores of Repulse Bay mark one of the country’s most-visited travel hotspots. The sandy beach is a fantastic way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Hong Kong, and the views are outstanding. Grab some mouthwatering barbecue from the stands dotting the shore, and take in stunning vistas of high-rise buildings rising up behind you as you gaze out over the bay. If you venture away from the water, you’ll find charming colonial buildings and a thriving resort town alive with shops and restaurants. Some notable Buddhist temples are in the area as well.

Mong Kok

This restless part of Hong Kong is known to be sleepless and very exciting! You can get dinner at one of many restaurants, and take in some shopping at the stores dotting the streets. As it is believed that Mong Kok is one of the world’s most densely-populated areas, it can feel at times like one is caught in a veritable stream of life! It is considered a favorite hangout space for locals both young and old. The markets here are divided into broad areas by the wares in which they specialize: there is the Ladies Market, Sports Shoe Street, and the must-see Flower Market, where plants and flowers of all kinds are available for purchase. Upstairs, above the busy markets, one can escape the crowds into barbecue eateries, restaurants, and cafes.

Victoria Peak

Some of the most spectacular views in the city can be found from Victoria Peak. They say that one gets a quintessential glimpse of Hong Kong from atop the peak, when the skyscrapers and busy life of the city are all spread out below. They say that visiting “the peak,” as it is popularly called, is one of the most unforgettable experiences of visiting the country. Atop the peak is one of the richest neighborhoods around—they say that the rich used to flock here due to the cooler air, but nowadays it is because of the stunning views. The sunsets atop Victoria Peak are storybook-perfect, and one can watch all the lights of the city flicker on as night descends.

Quick Facts

Capital: Victoria
Primary Airports: Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
Government: Special Administrative Region
Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
Population: 7,188,000 (2013 est.)
Language: Cantonese, English
Electricity: 220V/50Hz (UK)
Time Zone: UTC +8
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Travel Reviews

Still a great city


Do the usuals - Victoria Park, Star Ferry rides - but also just stroll the streets especially in early morning when there is less people. Go to the New Territories or one of the islands and take a hike. You will be amazed how much greens there still are in Hong Kong.

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Destinations Visited: Hong Kong

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