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Vast and full of wonders, Asia is, for many international visitors, a gateway into a world unknown. It is also a sprawling land of extremes, from the tundra of Siberia to the sweltering deserts of the Middle East, from the vertiginous heights of Mount Everest (the world’s tallest mountain) to the shallows of the Dead Sea (the world’s lowest point). It is possessed of long rivers, deep, green jungles, endless rice paddies, and high plateaus. There are shopping malls that are more like small cities, cities that feel more like a carnival, and some of the most impressive monuments to faith that you have ever seen. At the same time, there are churches half as old as time, ancient cities, and other reminders that Asia was the cradle of human culture.

Asia is the largest continent, and its sheer magnitude can be daunting. Add to that the fact that the world’s two most populous nations—India and China—are located here, and you’re talking about a voyage of size and variety unlike anything you could imagine. If you are able to make peace with breaking your journey into manageable pieces and immersing yourself fully in your own small corner of this vast land, you’ll still have a profound experience of discovery and wonder.

Asia & India Top Sights


The spirituality and scope of India make any trip here as much one of the heart as of the miles you cover. One can’t help but breathe in deep the undefinable, unmistakable essence of this nation: it feels vaguely colonial, it tastes of curry and adventure, and it looks busier, lovelier, and more humbling than one could ever anticipate. There is, of course, the unrivaled beauty of the Taj Mahal - and really, it can’t be overstated—but India has so much more to offer. There are royal palaces to visit, baby tigers to cuddle, rivers to cruise, and sacred mysteries to uncover.


Japan’s iconic Rising Sun causes all below it to glisten. Lose yourself in the endless streets of immense Tokyo, which is simultaneously ultra-modern, fashionable, and dedicated to the veneration of the past. Or travel to Kyoto for an extended peek at the dreamiest and most lovely reminders of old Japan: the geisha. Pay your respects at the Hiroshima Memorial, tackle as much—or as little—of Mt. Fuji’s grandeur as you care to venture, or satisfy even the most voracious and demanding foodie appetite in Osaka! Exceptional public transportation and an abundance of comfortable lodging ensure that visitors have an easy and memorable experience, and a healthy dose of old-world mysticism will capture your heart.


China is wholly fascinating in that it is, all at once, a nation linked inextricably to the past and surging relentlessly into the future. This is the seat of a culture thousands of years old, and it’s visible in iconic sights like the Great Wall and the Terracotta Soldiers of Xi’an. At the same time, Beijing rivals any other major cosmopolis on the globe for size, sophistication, and sheer energy. It’s truly the best of both worlds. The dizzying area of the nation makes it so that you’ll never exhaust the long list of experiences to be had here—from world-class museums to ancient temples, dips in steaming hot springs to close encounters with pandas, your every moment will be one to remember.


Vietnam is possessed of a colonial charm not seen in other parts of Southeast Asia. The quaint French buildings of old Saigon and the bespoke tailors’ shops of Hoi An tell just one part of a nation’s long history—this is a place that wears its story on its skin. Ancient days come to life in the Tomb of the Emperors and on the steps of grand temples, and the scars of war can be seen in Ho Chi Minh City… not as sad reminders, mind, but to show all the catalyst necessary to build a stronger, prouder Vietnam. You can’t miss a cruise on stunning, blue Halong Bay!


All that glitters is, in Thailand, usually gold. Famous for its gilded pagodas and the restless energy of Bangkok, this is a country that’s almost overwhelmingly stimulating—a true feast for the senses. Whether you jet over to Krabi and dip your toes in the blue Andaman, ride an elephant in Chiang Mai, or take a lengthy cycling tour of the verdant countryside, you’ll love every inch that you explore! They call Thailand “the land of smiles,” owing to the friendly and welcoming dispositions of the people here—but yours may just end up as the biggest.

Asia & India
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