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There exists, among world travelers, a group of rarified, intrepid voyagers for whom “off the beaten path” simply isn’t sufficient. For those who relish living on the edge, who want to take in sights that others can only dream of, there exists Antarctica. The coldest, driest continent on Earth, it is a land of endless winter, turbulent seas, and both days and nights that last for months. For all that, it is also a paradise of rarified, wholly unique beauty, teeming with flora and fauna that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Antarctica offers thrills and chills beyond mere astronomic peculiarities and meteorological extremes. No where else on earth can you savor the same experiences as here: coo over baby seals frolicking on icy beaches, go snowshoeing, hike the tundra, or brave the “polar plunge” into frigid waters! The scientifically-inclined will marvel at the live research being conducted and at the tremendous diversity of life. Those with an eye for beauty will be spoiled forever on the breathtaking wonders belonging to the bottom of the world.

Luxury cruises to Antarctica bring you up close and personal with the last true, unclaimed wilderness on Earth! Depart from Argentina, New Zealand, or South Africa, combining fascinating land-based touring of some of the most extreme corners of our world (Ushuaia! Cape Horn! the Falklands!) with a dashing sea voyage in an icebreaker to the remotest continent. You’ll enjoy every amenity as a pampered cruise guest, all while experiencing wild and wonderful shore excursions you can’t find anywhere else. 

Top Sights in Antarctica

The South Pole

There’s something distinctly amazing and odd about stepping foot on the ceremonial South Pole - a feeling that one has done something extraordinary. Strangely enough, it’s not even freezing year-round here! The ceremonial South Pole is permanent, and surrounded by the flags of the countries that signed the Antarctic Treaty. The actual geo-magnetic South Pole moves in location every year, due to movement of the ice on top of it. The exact location is re-surveyed and marked annually. It sits upon the land of a working research site, and visitors are treated to tours by the on-site staff. During the “warmest” part of summer, it has become a tradition for researchers to compete in an ice sculpture contest. The sculptures, which can be beautiful and quite elaborate, stay intact until February.


Waddling, sociable, adorably tuxedoed - is it any wonder that these quirky, flightless wonders are the celebrities of any Antarctic adventure? Come get intimately close to penguin colonies, learning about their unique culture: did you know that penguin couples mate for life, or that mothers who lose their own babies will try to steal a hatchling from another female? Children will gasp in wonder to see the inspiration for Happy Feet and the scamps from Madagascar, but travelers of all ages will rediscover their inner kid at the sight of No matter how unfazed you may be towards the cute and cuddly, the penguins will steal your heart!

Iceberg Treks

Antarctica polar icecap is, at its thickest, almost three miles deep! From atop, the ice extends far towards the horizon, creating a glistening winter landscape unlike anything you can imagine. Just your party, a guide, and a plane of shimmering ice - if you close your eyes, you can see the sun glinting in the frozen air right now! The astounding natural phenomenon of iceberg calving is at its most dramatic here in the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere, and you will become both fascinated and watchful at the sounds of crackling ice! Experience jagged ice mountains, precipitous, snow-dusted cliffs, and thick floating islands of white… all born of frozen water.

Zodiac Excursions

Board a sturdy, small Zodiac watercraft and set adrift in search of some of the continent’s biggest stars! The small craft is defter than its larger brethren, all the better to bring you right up close on the action, while experienced and knowledgeable skippers ensure you don’t miss a single breathtaking moment. Spy on leopard seals, paddle by penguins at play, skirt the jagged peaks of icebergs, and learn all about the movement of ice through the Antarctic seas. You’ll glimpse the nests of seabirds and watch these winged wonders lazily circling over the frost-hued landscape, skip around ice floes, and get a prime perspective for some of the neatest photos you’ll ever take.


As if the penguins weren’t enough, Antarctic cruisers have the opportunity to partake in some of the world’s most splendid whale-watching. You’ll savor a front-row view as mothers surface with their calves, and watch, spellbound, at pods of humpbacks and baleen whales at play. There are eight different species of whale that make their summer home in the shallows surrounding Antarctica, including the elusive, massive blue whale - the largest living creature on earth. During the five-month summer whale season, you’ll have the chance to learn about these magnificent creatures and their daily life, including family structure, breeding habits, and food preferences.


Antarctica Travel Reviews

Trip to Antarctica is Lifetime experience


Antarctica has a beautiful nature, full of sea wild: penguins, whales, seals and birds( albatross ). My advice: take or very high zoom camera. We had 12 zoom camera is not another. We had also iPhone and iPad.

Trip Rating:
Destinations Visited: Antarctica
Tour Operator: Azamara Journey

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