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About VoyageTrek

At VoyageTrek, our mission is to help extraordinary travelers get all of the information they need to book a dream vacation.

Since 2007, VoyageTrek has connected 115,899 travelers with award-winning tour companies and hundreds of destinations around the world. The VoyageTrek team has a passion for travel that is exemplified in all that we do, from our personal travel and research to working with top travel companies to collecting over 500 reviews to curating a newsletter with exclusive deals and travel advice.

We love what we do, and the best part is we get to share it with you.

VoyageTrek connects discerning travelers with award-winning tour companies. You provide the basics, then we'll find the best travel expert for your needs to book your tour.

  • Browse 625 luxury tours across 97 destinations
  • Read over 500 reviews from travelers like you
  • Connect with a travel expert for a no-obligation quote
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